I cannot help but watch and listen to the unrest that has resulted from the murder of George Floyd. My heart grieves over  this entire thing grieves my heart. I totally understand the pain and the fear everyone feels. I remember the Rodney King beatings and experienced along with many other Blacks the emotions I felt when other young Black men were brutally and needlessly killed or murdered for no reason. Some of these men’s actions might have required fines or jail time but instead resulted in their senseless deaths. These situations cause deep wounds that fester every time another incident takes place and no one is held accountable.

Right now people are not thinking about the consequences of their actions, they are simply reacting out of frustration—frustrations that have built up over years. But more importantly, our nation has also been going through very difficult circumstances with COVID-19 and the grief of losing so many to this virus plus the economic impact on society. And the African American community has again been disproportionately impacted. In general, African Americans live in densely populated neighborhoods and smaller homes, sometimes with more than two generations living together which makes them more vulnerable. This added burden impacts health.

So I understand the anger, the fear, and the cynicism that prompts people to want to take revenge. However, these actions are not only unproductive, but they are causing greater harm and they are losing their sympathetic audience.

The people who are affected and hurt by these destructive actions are African Americans and other minorities—our own people. How ridiculous is this.

But I also have criticism for local authorities in the states where this is happening. Why don’t you do something? You would stop and contain these CRIMES  if they were happening in YOUR neighborhoods; to the buildings in YOUR communities. If that were the case, you would have contained this already. But because you still have stores to shop in and your neighborhoods still look pristine, you do nothing but these people who are engaging in CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR platforms to spew their hatred and anger while they destroy what it took DECADES for to build. And it will take DECADES for this physical damage to be repaired in these neighborhoods. How long are you going to allow this to continue?

We must stop this travesty now! The first action that you need to take immediately is to arrest and charge the other policemen who are accomplices to the murder of Mr. Floyd. If you do that right now, you will be amazed at how that will stem the tide of this violence.

However, those who are continuing to destroy property need to be stopped immediately. This needs to be done without killing anyone. And all those who have committed crimes need to be held accountable.