Tools For The Mission

The most powerful tool to use for greater insight, wisdom, and direction in your life and for those you love is The Holy Bible. Nowhere else will you receive the depth of knowledge you need to recognize the purpose for which you are here and to help you follow this path with passion.

I pray that the Holy Spirit take each word written on this site and make these words effective and useful for all who visit. I pray that every person who is in need of emotional healing and insight receive exactly what they need through the revelatory presence of God’s Spirit on each page. I also pray that as this web site is developed, that it glorifies God. I pray abundant, rich blessings for everyone who visits this site. I pray that the I Am and I Declare CD’s fill your life with purpose and a sense of worth and value.

I also ask for your prayers for me and this web site – that it reaches millions with the message of hope in the pages.