About the Undercover Agent

In life, most of us never get past the external.

We go through life trying to cover up our insufficiencies and imperfections with accomplishments and activities, while at the same time, rarely going more than skin-deep with those around us.

Yet so many people are hurting. We seek to ease our hurts with medicine. But the use of drugs simply adds to our problems by treating the symptoms of disease rather than the real issues. Additionally, the adverse side effects or medications can be more devastating than the original problems.

As a physician, I’ve learned that dealing only with the outward behaviors does not resolve underlying troubles. Hurting people need help addressing the heart of their problems.

And that is why I ask you to join me in becoming an Undercover Agent.

I have practiced as a board certified pediatrician in Cedar Rapids, IA since 1989. I am the mother of three grown children whom my husband and I home-schooled through high school. I want to get you to begin living with intention by actively choosing your response. I want you to be able to proactively create the life you want instead of passively allowing circumstances to decide your present and future reality or the present and future reality of your child.