Take Healthy Back

by: Dr. Sharon Collins


Many people ask me to recommend a diet that works the best. When I tell them what they need to eat, they express frustration: too expensive, too complicated, not enough time, etc., etc.

I have recommended to people who skip breakfast and grab fast foods for lunch that they seriously consider making a smoothie for breakfast and that instead of grabbing chips, going to Starbucks, and eating donuts for lunch, that they make a salad and a sandwich ahead of time and take that to work instead. Some complain that they don’t like smoothies; that they don’t have enough time, or that they have tried those things and they can’t stick to it. They ask me, “Do you expect me to do this forever?”

Actually, yes I do. We have to make long term lifestyle changes. By doing what they are doing, they are breaking down their bodies and setting themselves up for future problems. And the financial and emotional expenditure to “fix” the problems they create will be enormous!

We can all change some bad habits in order to improve our health. But that means we can choose to start this journey by taking one step in the right direction. We also get to make investments — investments of time, energy, and money. So let’s stop making excuses. Let’s take responsibility for our health, and gain more vigor and vitality while we reverse disease.

And today is a good day to start!