Some Foods Pack More Power Than Others

by: Dr. Sharon Collins


Some foods pack a lot more nutrient power than others. These are the foods we need to include in our diets every day. Dr. Michael Greger has made it easier for us to remember what they are by giving us an App to help us practice the habit of eating these power foods every day. He calls it his Daily Dozen. Please check out the links immediately below:

Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen

Nutrition Facts

My life has gotten busier and it has become a lot more complicated because the patients I see are more complicated. I prefer convenience—spending hours in the kitchen is hard to take when I have been up from 5:00 AM. But I know that depending on convenience foods can be deadly—deadly to future motivation and subsequently to overall health. Convenience foods are usually highly processed foods; high in sugar, salt, and fat. These empty calories silently raise blood pressure and pack on the pounds. Therefore, I eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as I can. But I allow myself  “comfort” foods. At times I make myself a homemade pizza but I always bridge the gap with Juice Plus—30 servings of raw, pesticide-free fruits, vegetables, and berries in  capsules. I highly recommend this for you, too.

The only thing missing in addition to the good choices we make as noted above is a big hug from those who love us. 



Enjoy your day!