I just read the article below recently. I post it not to make people feel fearful; I simply want to remind us that we should NOT throw off restraint as we resist limitations placed on our activities. Instead, we need to be wise as we consider how to proceed to live our lives and make them as normal as possible especially this summer.

Remember that we are dealing with a viral pathogen that has proven to be deadly in people whose immune systems are compromised. So strengthen your immune systems. And remember that fear, stress, and anger causes depression of our immune systems. So laugh and be at peace. Try to keep your hearts filled with love, joy, and peace.

We might have to change the WAY we do things for awhile. We do not have to be completely sequestered in our houses especially in the summer months. We can and we should have fun. However, we might have to learn new ways to have fun.

Remember to avoid being in close proximity for prolonged periods of time in enclosed environments with those you don’t know well. Spend time outdoors in nature.


Wear masks or shields where and when appropriate. Make sensible decisions at all times.