by Dr. Sharon Collins’ Son: Louis M. Collins

I’m so grateful for my life, which I was VERY close to losing last Tuesday night when I had to be rushed to the ER for extreme respiratory distress and near accute heart failure which then led to kidney failure. (My blood pressure was near 250 and I was in bad shape!!)
I’m so grateful to my mom (Sharon A. Collins) and my wife (Melissa Marie Collins) who both acted quickly to get me help. And I’m so grateful to the incredible doctors and specialists who shared their wisdom and skills to bring me back to health and the absolutely amazing staff at Mercy Medical Center who received me, got me the help and medicines I needed and those who continued to take care of me during my 4 night stay. I’d heard that the Mercy Medical Center staff was above and beyond but I have now experienced it first hand.
I’m grateful to my dad (Louis Collins Jr) my brother (Nate Collins), my sister (Serena Collins) each who rallied around to help take care of food, our dog Sadie and make sure I had every thing I needed. I’m grateful to my extended family (Rachel Condit Schreiber, her daughter Anna, and Noralyn Condit Giles) who each happened to be visiting from different states and took the time to spend time with me during my stay and even the first night I arrived in distress. I’m grateful to my father-in-law (David Condit) brother-in-law (Caleb Condit) and his girlfriend (Rebecca Norden) all of whom made time to be with me.
I’m grateful to all of you who took the time to either visit me or send prayers, healing love and well wishes my way through cards, FB and Instagram. Your love blessed and sustained me more than you will ever know.
Finally, I’m so grateful to God for sparing my life and allowing me to continue the work I’ve been placed here to do.
That was, without a doubt, the scariest experience I’ve ever had. Caught me by complete surprise. And I still have some healing to do, but I’m on the right path and excited to be able to walk it out. I am out of the hospital and getting back to my life now. I love each of you.
I am so…Grateful ???


It was quite the week for this guy!! I’m so grateful to have my big brother recovered and doing so well!! Thanking God for how he answered the prayers of so many for Louis’ health and healing. Thanks Melissa for being such a faithful partner…in sickness and health you were there!! Thanks to you and mom for taking action just in time…there are so many people that helped out…Dad, Nate, the Condit and Schreiber family, Speights, Spindens, and I got to experience an awesome prayer over Louis by Deb Polk…and all the prayers by extended family and friends and neighbors…it takes a village and a beautiful village we have!!! Also thankful for all those at Mercy who used their expertise to take care of Louis! I got to see The Mercy Touch first hand. ?? #Godsgotit #Snapseed