Flouride and Detoxification

by: Dr. Sharon Collins


I gave a presentation last Tuesday night about detoxification. One of the things I mentioned was fluoride. This is not something we should have in our bodies. It is a neurotoxin and it has the potential to damage our thyroid. We need to detoxify from this, among other things.

So of course, when this came up in my feed today, I was particularly interested.

There is a brand new fluoride study out of Mexico that should have rocked the media. We should be reading and hearing about it on the news. But there is an eerie silence that makes me shudder,

Please click HERE to see video. You need to be aware.

I will be working on getting my detox presentation available to those who were unable to come to the presentation. But in the meantime, detoxification begins first by AVOIDANCE of anything that is damaging to the body. And then you proceed by making sure you are eating a whole-food diet that is full of plants and minerals. That is where you start.