As I Wait on You


These songs were birthed in me at a time in my life, when in 2002, changes and disruptions were the norm. Jesus seized the opportunity to let me know how very delighted He was with me. I believed He desired that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He was always there with me and for me.

In the past, it was easier to see Him more as a hard task master than the loving Savior He is. However, through the songs He brought to me, He communicated how He really saw me. He showed me first in His word and then He put music in my heart to solidify the truths I read.

I had the following revelations:
I am a tree of righteousness—His planting.
He dances and sings over me.
His words are in my heart and His indwelling Spirit speaks through me.
Even when I go through a wilderness experience, I will see it overflow with blessings because He is there with me.
All I need to do is to wait on Him and trust Him. will have more than I could possibly desired since Jesus is everything I need and more than I could possibly imagine.

I pray these songs speak to you about who you are in Christ and encourage you in your relationship with the All Sufficient One.